Testimonials solutionsbyshannon May 23, 2022

“Working with Shannon has been great!  She has been able to step in as a member of my team and handle online platforms for us when I don’t have the time or don’t desire to learn the process. She is easy to work with, always making a video or providing directions for us to follow up on IF we want to.  But if I just want her to handle it, she is great at jumping in and taking care of it for me!  Plus she has the best sign-offs!!  Always makes my day!”

Susan Hill, Interior Design, North Carolina

Your business strengths come from your strong personality. You’re a very passionate and empathic person. You place a strong emphasis on making everyone feel welcomed and taken care of, which is ultimately what customer service is all about. You’re also a great listener and communicate very effectively.

Jeremy Simon, Personal Trainer, Sioux Falls, SD

You always deliver what you promise. I love never having to check up on you or micro-manage. You are SO reliable, flexible, professional, and easy to work with.
Thanks for being someone I can count on!

Crystal Nerpel, Texas

Shannon is good at setting up systems and organizational processes, among other things!

Ellen Doerr, Chef Ellen, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Shannon goes beyond the call of duty, she is not shy of hard work. She is not easily overwhelmed by challenges that come up. Shannon is extremely grounded, observant, and patient.

Past Client

Shannon is extremely knowledgeable and I was touched by her heart of service towards her clients!

Past Client